Unique Hygiene Mask available for the Food Industry

Sanitation masks have been around for a while, but now the market is the new hygiene mask for the food industry. Designed to protect both consumers and employees infectious pathogens, the new sanitary mask has many new features.

What are some of the new features of the new hygiene mask?

The new mask can be located far enough away from the user’s mouth and nose to allow normal conversation; it can be washed and reused countless times; it is transparent so that the user’s face can be seen.

With the new hygiene mask, workers can breathe easily and normally, it does not interfere with the user’s glasses, it does not affect the user’s makeup. Most importantly for the user, it is comfortable to wear for a long time.

The mask is coated with a transparent film that provides anti-fog and anti-microbial treatments. Based on research, hygiene mask is available in one free size that can accommodate all facial sizes.

What are the advantages of this paint mask?

There are many benefits to be derived from the new mask. It blocks bacteria and foreign substances emitted from the mouth; it is lightweight and much more comfortable than cotton or non-woven fabric masks; it can be adjusted to fit any size face; and the film surface is coated so that misting does not occur.

Because it can be reused and because it has a virtually unlimited life, paint mask is very cost effective.

What types of businesses use the hygiene mask?

The hygiene mask is used by servers at food manufacturing plants, supermarkets, wholesale markets, highway rest stops, Hotel restaurants, buffet restaurants, school kitchens, medical and nursing home products facilities, and childcare food preparation areas.

Can paint mask to prevent the spread of droplet infections?

This new hygiene mask has been designed and thoroughly tested to reduce the spread of infectious diseases that can be transmitted through infected phlegm.

When a person coughs or sneezes, droplets are emitted causing phlegm possible spread of droplet infections such as flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, whooping cough, rubella, diphtheria, colds, and Norovirus.

With the new sanitary mask, both employers and employees can be confident that they have the most containment of such diseases.

Many restaurants and food manufacturing sites are using a new concept effectively prevent various invisible germs and foreign substances coming from the mouth and respiratory tract. We hope to provide our customers with a clean and sanitary food services.

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